Train Talk Episode 2 - The Brains of Train Talk


In the Season finale of Train Talk, we talk to the brains behind the Train Talk Podcast, UT Dallas Intern Addison Dobias. Addison joined the team in August 2018 and dove in head first, taking on the roles of producer, audio engineer, videographer, scheduler, and more for Season One of Train Talk. We truly wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. 

Great Job, Addison!

Train Talk Episode 16 - Linda Miller, Civil Infrastructure Director


In this episode, hosts Rebecca and Monty interview Texas Central’s Civil Infrastructure Director, Linda Miller, who discusses her amazing career trajectory from being a helicopter pilot in the US Army to being honored by the Queen of England for her contributions to the science of engineering and promoting gender equality.

Linda is a globally recognized leader in the infrastructure world, having worked in leadership positions on projects in the US, UK, Australia and more. In 2017, She was awarded an Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England, a designation reserved for persons who make important contributions in the fields of science and arts, charity and public service.

Train Talk Episode 15 - Joy of the Journey with Graham Leech Part 2


In this episode, we have Part 2 of our discussion with customer experience expert Graham Leech, who leads the team working every day to make sure you have the best experience possible when riding the Texas high-speed train. In it, Rebecca and Monty talk to Graham about his career before joining Texas Central, including his time working for Virgin Trains in the UK and Europe, his view of relevant trends in the transportation industry, and why Texas trains will HAVE NO MIDDLE SEATS.  

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Train Talk Episode 14 - Joy of the Journey with Graham Leech Part 1


This is Part 1 of a fun episode of Train Talk, where Rebecca and Monty talk with the Customer Experience expert at Texas Central, Graham Leech, who leads the team responsible for making the train as comfortable, enjoyable and convenient as possible for all riders. In Part 1, we talk about what goes into creating a great customer experience from a door-to-door perspective, why this technology is right for Texas, and specific benefits of the system from a future rider’s point of view.  

Plus, we take a couple of minutes to watch Texas Central’s “Life on the Fast Train” video with Graham and get his thoughts on the experiences of one future rider.

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Train Talk Episode 13 - Houston Mac


In this episode, Monty and Rebecca traveled to Houston to talk with Outreach Manager Mac Flores – and to see the Gonzo247 mural in person for the first time! While there, we talk about Mac’s job, Houston culture and sports, and a little about Mac’s alma mater the University of Houston.


Train Talk: Rapid Response with Former FRA Safety Chief Bob Lauby


In this special episode, Rebecca sits down with Bob Lauby, the Former Associate Administrator for Railroad Safety and Chief Safety Officer of the Federal Railroad Administration, to discuss the FRA’s role in oversight of the project, the incredible safety record of the Shinkansen system, the importance of purpose-built infrastructure like the Texas high-speed train and the superiority of a building a fully dedicated system over one that shares infrastructure with other technologies.

Train Talk Episode 12 - Going Audio-only with Siv Bhamra


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This week, we’re going audio-only with Texas Central’s Integration Director, Siv Bhamra, who has worked in the rail industry for 30+ years, leading both rail and high-speed rail developments all over the globe. We discuss the future of trains in Texas and the US, the phenomenal safety record of the Shinkansen system and the environmental benefits of high-speed trains compared to travel by plane and automobile.

Let us know what you think!

Train Talk Episode 11 - Chief Investment Officer Tim Keith


In this episode, we talk to Texas Central Chief Investment Officer Tim Keith about the comprehensive data collecting and data analysis that goes into infrastructure development of this magnitude, what conclusions we can draw from that data, and the economic and personal impacts this high-speed train will have on the state and its population.


Train Talk Episode 10 - Mothers Against Drunk Driving Endorsement


In this episode, Monty and Rebecca discuss the recent endorsement of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and run an interview with former MADD National President and Texas City native, Laura Dean Mooney, who lost her husband in a drunk driving accident in 1991.

In the interview, Laura discusses the importance of having multiple transportation options between cities and the dangers of drunk and distracted driving – especially on I-45 between Dallas and Houston, which consistently ranks as one of the deadliest in the U.S. and has scored in the top in both DUI-related crashes and fatal nighttime incidents.

The Texas high-speed train would offer residents and large numbers of out of town visitors a safer, faster travel alternative by significantly decreasing accidents due to drunk, drowsy or distracted driving. This will allow a safer and more-efficient way for Texans to get to and from the Brazos Valley for large-scale events in and around the area.

On the Texas high-speed train, you can avoid I-45 entirely and have peace of mind knowing that your friends and family will be safe traveling on a system that has a spotless 50+ year safety record. And that’s a win for everyone.

Train Talk Episode 9 - Bill Tucker, Project Delivery Director


This week on Train Talk, Project Delivery Director Bill Tucker stops by the set to talk about what it takes to deliver on such a massive project. Previously, Bill served as Bechtel's delivery director for the central section of the Crossrail project, where he was responsible for leading the delivery organization within the client’s program management team. 

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